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We offer personal web page hosting Linux servers with urmatătorii parameters:

  • Apache 2.2.4, PHP 5, MySQL 5.0.51a, FTP Access.
  • Hosting Control Panel, phpMyAdmin 2.11.7, WebMail Acces.
  • Shell Access, CGI Scripts, Standard CGIs, WAP, Individual Error Pages, Statistics.

Using our service get free domain hosting third orderr domain.foxnet.md.

To check services we offer a demo version with the following details:
- Control Panel: http://www.demo.foxnet.md:81/ (user: demo, password: demo)
- phpMyAdmin: http://www.demo.foxnet.md/phpmyadmin (Database Name: web50db1, Database User: web50u1)
- WebMail: http://www.demo.foxnet.md/mail (demo @ demo.orc.md, Mailserver: ns1.orc.md, Password: demo)
- Statistica: http://www.demo.foxnet.md/stats (user: demo, password: demo)

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HotLine: (+373) 79-79-9000
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