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Connectivity to the Internet is done using large solutions WAN (Wide Area Network). Their role is to connect local area networks (LAN - Local Area Network) or metropolitan area network (MAN). WAN package our group offers management solutions for equipment dedicated server backbone to maintain such networks. Our technology solutions WAN can connect two or more offices in different locations or provide secure connectivity to the Internet using a wireless solution for distance greater than 500 meters.

Why to opt for theese kind of services?

  • We install secure connections for data, voice and video playback in real time between offices, representative offices or premises of the beneficiary.
  • No need overload current topology when a WAN solution can avoid adverse events, followed by bring and security required for data transfer.
  • Statistics mode and the events that took place on perioara management are available through online IT-db.


ATM technology is ideal for voice and video transfer. With a bandwidth of about 2Mbps is used the cell-switching, multiplexing and switching circuit uses both benefits (guaranteed capacity and constant transmission keeps latency) and the principle of packet switching (effective in situations where there is heavy traffic ).

Frame Relay

Frame Relay technology solutions have been implemented to perform data transfer mode packet-switching. Recommended for environments such connections is not necessary bandwidth greater than 2Mbps and can be used for voice or data networks. Benefits of using Frame Relay technology type are:

  • Transmitted packets have variable size - depending developed to enable a flexible and efficient data transfer (variable-length packets).
  • Technological standard that brings a principle of optimizing bandwidth by transferring performed (Statistical multiplexing).

Dedicated Line

Leased Line technology is a solution that is based on the principle of digital connection, which allows permanent point-to-point connectivity with dedicated bandwidth. Standard of leased lines is available at the following bandwidth: 64kbps, 128kbps, 256kbps, 512kbps or 2Mbps. We recommend a technology solution Leased Line type in the following situations:

  • Connections between local networks with date and voice dtransfer,
  • Solutions backbone for Internet connection.
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