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Design and implementation of computer networks

Company team offer implementation services at both the software - administrative modules development or maintenance works and the physical.

Factors we mean to propose a complete package implementation and administration of local architecture varies depending on its purpose and notes made ​​during the initial analysis.

Types of networks

To perform a network installation required the analysis of the surface.



Depending on its size you can choose to install a wireless network (802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n) or wired connectivity. The advantages of wireless connectivity unnoticed by members of boardrooms or people who prefer mobility, while implementing a department employees will want cable connectivity.


When it have a big area is recommended to connect networks through conductors FTP, STP or when it have a big distance it can be installed a fiber optic channel. The transfer type varies depending the function that architecture is desired. For situations where you want to implement a network dedicated to VoIP technology or playing online video (Video Streaming) will recommend the type of circuit-switched transfer. To use the network for office, home or workgroup recommended installing a packet-switched solutions. At these types of technology transfer is distinguished by encapsulating and transporting information over the network

Computer networks can be structured according to their architecture. The images below are published five major types of private networks in terms of organization: bus, ring, tree, combined star.

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