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Design and implementation of computer networks

Company team offer implementation services at both the software - administrative modules development or maintenance works and the physical.

Factors we mean to propose a complete package implementation and administration of local architecture varies depending on its purpose and notes made ​​during the initial analysis.

Types of networks

To perform a network installation required the analysis of the surface.

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Networks without cable - Wireless networks

Wireless networks provide mobility for the user and facilitates the optimization of the network. Equipment recommended and used by our group are: Cisco or Linksys. Standard IEEE 802.11x technology (known as Wi-Fi) is the most widely used in the wireless networks.

Completed Solutions

Implementation and integration services are fast and efficient, in this way, we can provide confidence and satisfaction in all our projects that include the installation of wireless networks. Thanks team of network engineers with experience and resources we prove we offer a quick result, quality in optimal costs. Implementation services include among others:

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Connectivity to the Internet is done using large solutions WAN (Wide Area Network). Their role is to connect local area networks (LAN - Local Area Network) or metropolitan area network (MAN). WAN package our group offers management solutions for equipment dedicated server backbone to maintain such networks. Our technology solutions WAN can connect two or more offices in different locations or provide secure connectivity to the Internet using a wireless solution for distance greater than 500 meters.

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Va pune la dispozitie personal format din specialisti pe latura de consultanta hardware pentru servicii de actualizare / upgrade sau pentru achizitionare de componente.

Serviciile de intretinere pentru calculatoare sunt disponibile atat pentru intreprinderile mici si mijlocii, cat si pentru .

Administrare calculatoare

Statiile aflate in programul de administrare beneficiaza de un pachet de aplicatii cu rol administrativ (atat pentru desktop-uri care ruleaza platforme Microsoft, cat si pentru sisteme de operare Unix sau Mac).

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Company "FOXNET" LLC offers a wide range of services for the creation and maintenance of web pages. We are ready for development situ-tion of any level of difficulty - from simple sites "business card" to "internet-shop" containing large number of goods, multiple databases, news, polling systems, distributions, links.

Based on that "create useful sites", we believe that a website has no way to replace only one sheet of paper. Therefore, we in a way that even a site "card" to benefit the common business organization, obtaining convenient and accessible pages for internet users.

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We offer personal web page hosting Linux servers with urmatătorii parameters:

  • Apache 2.2.4, PHP 5, MySQL 5.0.51a, FTP Access.
  • Hosting Control Panel, phpMyAdmin 2.11.7, WebMail Acces.
  • Shell Access, CGI Scripts, Standard CGIs, WAP, Individual Error Pages, Statistics.

Using our service get free domain hosting third orderr domain.foxnet.md.






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